Easy to start

You do the easiest, setting up your account with us. Let us the hardest, grow your business & social media.

Custom designed photos

We design professional high quality customised graphic designs exclusively for your business.

Every day updates

We make sure that we post a graphic design each and every day for keeping your social media pages updated.

Real-time reporting

Track your likes, followers, reach & everything in real time, without delay in your accounts.

Reputation management

We maintain your company's reputation by responding back to customers negative reviews and thereby turing them to be positive.

#Hashtags for every post

Hashtags are very effective way to reach your targeted clients. We make sure to use the right hashtags for everypost.

Display picture

A beautiful display picture is what makes your business unique. We design it with beautiful colors & typography.

Facebook cover photo

A Facebook cover is there to showcase your business. We update your facebook cover photos from time to time.

Facebook cover video

Yes, a video in your FB cover to interact with your customers. We also update your facebook cover videos occasionally.

Two free request posts

Any special event happening this weekend? Just request a custom post through your dashboard or whatsapp.

Two free video bites per month

We additionally update 2 videos a month on your social media page, which would be completely related to your business.

Two free gifs per month

In order to engage more audience, we customly design and update 2 gif's per month on your social media profiles.

Comment spam control

Spam comments, reviews are the important issue to take care of. We are here to filter them out from your business page.

Reply to comments

We make sure that we patiently reply to each and every comment that you get for your posts on social media.

Respond to the messages

We make sure to respond to each and every message you get on your social media pages, thereby increasing your connectivity with your clients.

Description for page

We make sure that we write customized descriptions for your social media page.

Special Event Posts

Yes, we even post special customized posts on festivals & days for free, where our competitors are charging thousands for each.

Page template design

We setup a page template for your page & make it as unique as possible to reflect your brand & colors to easily identified by your target audience.

One-click Chat support

Visit out website and click on the right bottom chat bubble. Our reps are always there to solve your issues without raising a support ticket.

Relationship manager

We never think for a second when it comes to serve our customers better. Our relationship managers are there exclusively for you.

Phone and email support

We provide you with an instant phone and e-mail support, inorder to make sure that there is no interruption in terms of communication.

Free paid promotion

Yes, we do promote every post with real money to reach your targeted audience and encourage them to like your brand on Facebook.

Promotion strategy

We understand your business requirements & create a set of promotional strategies to promote your business across social media, keeping your target audience in mind.

White-label, branding free

We know we are there to spread your brand & not us. We don't promote our company in your posts, where as our competitors are charging 10x & they leave their brand on your posts to get more business.

Encourage reviews

We encourage your audience to write positive reviews about your business & services in a unique way.

Always updated

Our social media strategists & managers always updated with the new facebook & instagram policies. Now, never worry about what Facebook is upto.

Made for Social Media

We are made for Social Media. Everyday, we manage millions of likes and followers to make things go viral.

Report submission

We provide you with reports containing the stats of your business by inspecting them every month, so that you can track the progress of your social media presence.

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